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Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor and it went live at the end of 2018. We’ve now had a few months to explore it and so some of us are sharing what we have learnt. Our previous blog post about the introduction of Gutenberg has some useful links you may wish to check out.

Lightning talks on Gutenberg by members of WordPress Cambridge

Our speakers on 11 February 2019 include:

  • David Thorne on the ‘Basics of Using Gutenberg as a sitebuilder’
  • Jonathan Whiteland is giving a few simple examples of how they’re beginning to successfully use Gutenberg at YTKO now; and show some of the more hair-raising things Gutenberg can cope with; then finish with talking briefly about how they plan to use Gutenberg going forwards
  • Chris O’Dell introducing the coding languages that developers need  (link opens a PowerPoint presentation) to starting learning to thrive in the ‘Gutenberg environment’:  React, JavaScript Frameworks & jsx
  • Elisabeth Klaar with a live demo/overview of Gutenberg from a ‘user’ (rather than developer) point of view

Some useful links

Elisabeth shares an excellent page featuring a compare/contrast between the old editor and the new editor (great if you find you’re stuck trying to do something  in Gutenberg that you used to do easily/fast in the Classic Editor). And another super useful overview of all the blocks with explanations of how they work and tutorials on how to use each different kind.

2 responses to “Guten Tips!”

  1. Good session – really useful. Lots of useful tips and pointers. Understanding why some people like G’berg and others don’t helped me know which way I should jump (into the G’berg camp). Also arranging evening in increasing depth was useful as was variety. Hand to have a variety of experience levels there. Must admit last session one was over my head and I have to find a way through back through Cambridge as A14 shuts at 9:00 and trip home is a pain!!

  2. So glad you found the session useful – it was a wide spectrum from simple (ish) content adding/editing through to the languages behind it all. Glad the approach from easy to hard worked for you.
    See you again another time!

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