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  • Writing for the Web with Simon Bragg

    Simon Bragg from Sibra gave a presentation last night on Writing for the Web. Once again the presentation was very insightful and prompted lots of debate. Thanks Simon! You can see the presentation by clicking on the image below:

  • En-Lightening talks

    Our pre-Christmas Lightning Talks evening saw a range of different topics being covered.

  • Writing for the web: compelling content

    Sue Keogh came along and spoke on the topic of writing for the web. Sue asked us to direct you all to the Sookio blog, http://sookio.com/blog for more information in a bit more depth than the presentation slides. In particular, take a look at the following posts: http://sookio.com/blog/making-boring-content-interesting-from-blas-to-blazing http://sookio.com/blog/how-startups-can-get-their-message-across http://sookio.com/blog/writing-about-food-a-simple-guide You can also sign up to…

  • Lightning talks

    We had lightning talks on the following topics: Jonathan Whiteland on Writing a WordPress plugin to use the Eventbrite API: https://whiteland.net/jonathan/presentations/eventbrite_api.html#/ Adam Maltpress on Google Analytics in Development: http://maltpress.co.uk/presentations/analytics_presentation.pdf (PDF) More details here: https://www.meetup.com/wordpress-cambridge/events/231566419/