Writing for the web: compelling content

Sue Keogh came along and spoke on the topic of writing for the web. Sue asked us to direct you all to the Sookio blog, http://sookio.com/blog for more information in a bit more depth than the presentation slides. In particular, take a look at the following posts: http://sookio.com/blog/making-boring-content-interesting-from-blas-to-blazing http://sookio.com/blog/how-startups-can-get-their-message-across http://sookio.com/blog/writing-about-food-a-simple-guide You can also sign up to… Continue reading Writing for the web: compelling content

Lightning talks

We had lightning talks on the following topics: Jonathan Whiteland on Writing a WordPress plugin to use the Eventbrite API: https://whiteland.net/jonathan/presentations/eventbrite_api.html#/ Adam Maltpress on Google Analytics in Development: http://maltpress.co.uk/presentations/analytics_presentation.pdf (PDF) More details here: https://www.meetup.com/wordpress-cambridge/events/231566419/