En-Lightening talks

Our pre-Christmas Lightning Talks evening saw a range of different topics being covered.


First up, Ben Attenborough talked through the theme framework Underscores (https://underscores.me/) – a great starting point for theme developers who want a toolkit of HTML5 templates to build their themes on. It’s not a theme for non-developers, but it is a great way to learn more about theme development, or to streamline your workflow.

You can view Ben’s presentation here

What I learnt in 2016

Adam Maltpress talked through some of the lessons he’s learnt from development projects in 2016, from preparing new projects so they’re future-proof to the reason lots of websites look the same (and why beautiful design isn’t always as important as we might think).

You can view Adam’s presentation here.

QuickSprout’s writing style

Simon presented an in-depth (but somehow still lightning!) presentation of the writing style of web content guru QuickSprout.

There’s a lot we can learn from this informative site – and also Copyblogger.com.

You can view Simon’s presentation here.

What’s new in WP 4.7

Steven presented a quick overview of what’s new in the latest version of WordPress and why we need to update. Among the excellent new bits and pieces are theme starter content, new custom post type templates and lots of improvements to the REST API. A new theme – 2017 – was introduced, and you’re looking at it now!

You can view Steven’s presentation here.

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