Category: Presentations

  • Page Builders

    Chris McMahon spoke about using page builders. More details can be found here:

  • Writing for the web: compelling content

    Sue Keogh came along and spoke on the topic of writing for the web. Sue asked us to direct you all to the Sookio blog, for more information in a bit more depth than the presentation slides. In particular, take a look at the following posts: You can also sign up to…

  • Lightning talks

    We had lightning talks on the following topics: Jonathan Whiteland on Writing a WordPress plugin to use the Eventbrite API: Adam Maltpress on Google Analytics in Development: (PDF) More details here:

  • Understanding the Motivators, Tactics and Impacts of Hackers

    Steven Watts spoke about some of the nefarious things hackers do and the motivators behind why they do it to help website owners weigh up the risks and see if website security is something that needs to be taken into consideration within their business. You can find a full write up covering all aspects of…

  • SEO for WordPress

    Details of this meetup can be found here: Rob’s presentation can be found here:

  • Web Typography

    Web Typography

    Web Typography: A brief guide to type on the web This is a presentation I did for the Cambridge WordPress meetup. It is quite an indepth look at typography on the web. I hope it is useful for developers and designers alike

  • Themes

    Details of this meetup can be found here: The evening’s slides can be found here:

  • Intro to WordPress and W3 Total Cache

    The first Meetup for the group can be found here: Will’s write-up of his presentation can be seen here: