Varying Vagrant Vagrants – What the heck? By Adam Maltpress

Adam Maltpress gave a presentation last night about Varying Vagrant Vagrants. This is an open source local development tool for developing with WordPress. You can see the presentation here:

Varying Vagrant Vagrants presentation by Adam Maltpress (click to view)
Varying Vagrant Vagrants presentation by Adam Maltpress (click to view)

A summary of the slides above follows:

Varying Vagrant Vagrants

VVV – what the heck?

  • “An open source Vagrant configuration for developing with WordPress”
  • Where Vagrant is “…a tool for building and managing virtual machine
  • environments in a single workflow”
  • Eh?
  • Run a virtual server on your computer to do WP development
  • Manage settings with a simple config file
  • Get a load of tools specific to, or helpful for, WordPress

What do you get?

  • Ubuntu 14.04, nginx, PHP fpm 7.0.x, memcached, all the PHP extensions you need to run WP – hosting gubbins
  • MariaDB, PHPMyAdmin – database thingies
  • PHPUnit, ack-grep, Git, subversion, grunt, node, Composer, – and other workflow and development do-dahs
  • WordPress current version and WordPress development version as well as WP-CLI – WordPressy whatsits.
  • Everything you need to run WP on a local machine

Awesome. How do I get it?

Done all that. Now what?

Woohoo! Bring me the WordPress

  • Go to http://local.wordpress.test for current production WordPress
  • Go to http://src.wordpress-develop.test for the development branch of
  • WordPress (not yet Gutenbergy)
  • Add your own sites by editing the file vvv-custom.yml in the main VVV folder:
  • See
  • Be careful with tabs and spaces in yml files – tabs bad, spaces good
  • Edit the files the normal way on your local machine
  • Use PHPMyAdmin as normal
  • When you change things, run
vagrant reload --provision

on the command line

So what’s it good for?

  • Contributing to WP core
  • Building a theme you’re going to release
  • Building a plugin you’re going to release
  • Quickly getting a new, fresh WP installation running
  • Learning WP-CLI
  • Quickly changing PHP version to test things

What’s it bad for?

  • Working with existing sites you’ve pulled down from a server
  • Any sites with weird/custom folder structures
  • Anything you’re moving from an existing development setup
  • Beginners
  • Speed of provisioning

What are the alternatives?

  • Wamp
  • Xampp
  • Mamp
  • Docker
  • Plain virtual box
  • Actual server

Do you recommend it then?

  • Not really.


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